Paranormal and the mighty Dollar….

The topic of being in this field for monetary reasons has been bothering me a lot over the past few years and every time I mention it, it seems to stir up trouble which isn’t my intention nor is it directed to any person, location or team. When I started SVP 4 years ago my purpose was to assist the public in understanding the unknown. When we started we were VERY busy with cases, both public and private. So much so that we became overwhelmed with evidence that had to be reviewed and never could seem to catch up but at that time we were actively contacting locations asking for permission to come investigate on top of the private clientele that would contact us for assistance. We started out with basic equipment and basic knowledge and we gained more knowledge and experience with every investigations we performed. We also gained very valuable experience another way. No, not from watching our “friends” on TV but from working in conjunction with others in the field. People, we’re dealing with a field that as far as knowledge goes, we’ve only scratched the surface. All of the methods and especially the equipment you see being used……….totally experimental!!! There is no sure method of investigating, no exact equipment to use and no instruction manual on how to “hunt ghosts”. Oh, wait a minute, my bad. There ARE certain methods, the ones you see on TV. And there IS certain equipment you have to use, the ones shown on TV and for sale all over the internet. And wait…There’s books telling how to hunt ghosts??? Yup…JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE!!! Well what do ya know, contacting the dead IS a money making business. And heaven forbid you have an active location……Well you just struck gold my friend…..

Maybe it’s just me but I come from a very religious, old fashioned Italian family and was raised to respect our deceased. I do not wish to or plan on becoming rich and famous researching paranormal phenomena. I do it for the fascination of being able to connect with the other side, to communicate with those who have past and to learn what happens after this. The point I’m trying to get at with all my babbling is we should work together for one purpose, to gain and share knowledge not get rich. There is too much negativity in this field lately. Teams bashing other teams, teams not wanting to share locations like it’s some kind of “turf war” or something, people faking evidence just to look good or become popular people not wanting to share knowledge or experience. It’s ridiculous!!!

My team offers public presentations which are presented by its members. During our presentations we offer advice and experience to anyone interested in this field. We share knowledge such as what methods have and have not worked for us in the past, locations we’ve been to, and people we’ve met. We emphasize the importance of safety while investigating and let people know that if they expect their investigation to be like what they watch on TV then there in the wrong field. We also try to warn people NOT to run out and buy all the nifty gadgets they see their favorite TV celebrities using because most of them are a waste of money and many of them do the same thing. What I’m trying to get at is the members of SVP HAVE NO PROBLEM sharing what we have learned with other in the community. In fact the only thing I won’t do is share locations with what I like to call “fly by night” groups. Those are the “teams” that watch the TV shows, fall in love with all the “excitement”, go out and buy every piece of equipment they can afford and run around every graveyard or vacant building the can locate. I respect our clientele more than that. And for ANY location charging big money to people wanting to investigate I say shame on you. I have no issue with asking for a small donation to go towards the expense or upkeep of that location or even to give the poor bastard that has to stay with and lock up after us a few bucks. My beef is with charging teams hundreds of dollars or treating the spirits like actors in a show and not to mention all the companies charging the public huge money for homemade equipment that costs a quarter of their asking price to make. I’m sorry but it’s just not right. And after all is said and done don’t complain if activity increases especially in a negative fashion after disrespecting the spirits. There just showing their disgust……

…I would love to hear feedback from other teams, location owners and the public but please keep it respectful and refrain from using names or your comment will be deleted.

“Ghost Hunting” TV shows…..Real or Fake???

Ok folks, This is our first post on our new blog and SVP is gonna start things off with a bang. This is a topic I’m expecting A LOT of feedback on!!! Plain and simple just like the title asks. In your opinion, are the TV shows that started the “ghost hunting” craze real or fake???